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     A brief history of the Orchard

In 1966, Don and Molly Papenheim moved to a sparsely populated area of Shoreview Minnesota with their 5 young children and 10 apple trees.

In the years that followed, hundreds more trees were planted and what was once a beloved hobby became a full fledged orchard complete with an on-site retail outlet -- right in the middle of what is now a heavily populated suburban area.

The Orchard as it looked in the fall of 1978
Our first "Apple Store" was in the family porch! This one was in the driveway next a cooler ...

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Pap's Retirement in 1985
Orchard 25th Anniversary in 1991

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Shoreview Parade 1998
Molly accepts the 2007 Ramsey County Farm of the Year Award

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This Page is Dedicated to the Memory of Victoria Valley Orchard's Founder
papDonald "Pap" Papenheim
Pap was a Korean War Veteran who married Molly after returning home from the war. Together, they raised 5 childeren while Pap was working full time at West Publishing company and cultivating his orchard on evenings and weekends. He retired early from West Publishing Company to fulfill his dream of devoting his time and energy to developing Victoria Valley Orchard into what it is today. On February. 14, 2006, Pap passed away peacefully surrounded by an abundance of love. We miss him every day and are thankful to him for creating this beautiful orchard 

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