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We grow and sell 19 varieties of apples.

All varieties of apples reach the peak of their ripeness at different times throughout the fall. We hope this guide will help you determine what varieties may be right for you throughout the season.

We offer samples of all currently available varieties at the store. Stop by and enjoy a taste.

Apple Varieties (listed by season of availability)
Variety Qualities Season
Duchess A good early variety used mainly for pie and sauce. Supply is limited Mid August
Paulared A summer bright red apple. The flesh is firm, crisp and mildly tart. For fresh eating and cooking. Mid August
State Fair Red blush, tasty, juicy - good texture - an all-purpose apple. Mid August
Ginger Gold New early yellow apple. Excellent taste and texture. Great for fresh eating. Limited supply. Mid August
Hazen Early red apple. Tartness of a Haralson. Fresh eating and cooking. Especially good in pie and crisp. Mid August
Wealthy A long time favorite for eating baking and cooking. Early September
Zestar! Sweet with a hint of tart.Crisp and juicy. Limited supply. Early September
Red Baron Excellent early apple. Crisp and Juicy. For fresh eating and cooking. Some years does not color fully red. Mid September
Shamrock New apple. Green. The north country answer to the Granny Smith. Limited supply. Mid September
Honeycrisp Recent addition developed at the U of M. Explosive crispness. Excellent for fresh eating. Wonderful long-term storage. All purposed apple. Limited supply. Mid September
McIntosh Long time favorite for eating, baking and cooking. Late September
Cortland High quality, mild flavor, red. White flesh resists browning so it's great for salads and other raw apple dishes. Good for all uses.  Late September
Redwell Medium size. Firm and tender. Flavor is non-acid. Good for fresh eating, cooking and baking. Excellent for sauce.  Early October
Prairie Spy Crispy sub acid flavor. Good for fresh eating, freezing, pie, and sauce. Slices hold shape when cooked.  Early October
Haralson The most popular MN apple of all. Tart, crispy and juicy. Suitable for all purposed. Excellent in pie. Early October
Honeygold Similar to Golden Delicious, but crispier and juicier. Outstanding eating quality. Excellent for all uses. Limited supply.  Mid October
Regent Our favorite. A cross between Red Delicious and Red Duchess. Good texture. Slightly sweet. Crisp. For fresh eating and all uses.  Mid October
Connell Red Large apple with a pleasant flavor that approaches sweetness. Excellent for fresh eating, baking and salad.  Mid October
Fireside Similar to Connell Red but is smaller in size.  Mid October
Chieftan Very crisp, juicy and almost sweet. Deep red color. A cross between Delicious and Jonathan developed at the University of Iowa. Excellent for fresh eating and pie. Slices hold their shape when cooked.  Late October

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